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Save money, even make money
on your insurance and annuities.

Avoid the scams, beat the traps, get ahead in life ...
this book shows you how!

George Weatherford’s new book “Term Life Insurance & Annuities: A Buyer’s Guide” provides the quickest, no-nonsense guide to making the best insurance and annuities choice for you.

Get started with the basics:
You’ll answer the simple questions first. Before you know it, you’ll be prepared to:

• Find the best policy

• Save the most money

• Get on with your life!

You’ll learn smart tips about how to find an agent, which types of life insurance best fits certain situations and more.

You’ll know how to make smart choices in a few pages and it can change your life! Changing your policy? You’ll know why and explain it to your agent in clear language. Need more coverage? You’ll know where to start, how to compare prices on different policies and whether Internet offers are everything they claim. It’s the most logical, easy-to-read insurance guide available.

Then learn what the pros know:
Once you know the basic ideas that make insurance work (or, in some cases, not work) for you, George’s book will put the complex ideas into perspective. His examples give you a clear no-nonsense view of investments when they’re rolled into insurance policies. The book turns complicated terminology into common sense language. Before long, you’ll be able to see which policy looks good in the beginning, but loses for you in the long run; and you’ll find the ones that win for you in the long run, too!

The $21.95 value of each book could be saved with your first decision!

Purchase this must-have guide for yourself, for college graduates and for anyone concerned about making smart insurance and annuity decisions.

Get the solutions!
"I’m guaranteed low premiums for 10 years, but what happens after the 10th year?"
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My universal life policy earns me interest, but is it earned on all the money I pay? How do I find out?
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My agent recommended a fixed annuity, but how do I find out if a variable annuity might be better for me?
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